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Các em tham khảo đề thi thử đại học môn Anh khối D,A1 năm 2014 trường THPT Tây Thụy Anh, Thái Bình.


Choose the word phrase that best complete each sentence.

1: Everyone can join our club, _______age and sex.

A.  in place of        B.  regardless of      C. in case of         D. not mention

2: The total cost to renovate the building was $13.75 million, ____ double the original estimate.

A. mostly              B. most all              C. the most          D. almost

3: He went _________ a bad cold just before Christmas.

A. in for                B. over                    C. through           D. down with

4: ________ wait for no man.

A. Tide and fire     B. Time and tide       C. Time and fire   D. Tide and time

5: -"Do you have a minute, Dr Keith?" - "________"

A. Sorry, I haven't got it here.                    B. Good, I hope so.

C. Sure. What's the problem?                     D. Well. I'm not sure when.

6: I saw him hiding something in a_______ bag.

A. small plastic black                           B. black small plastic         

C. small black plastic                           D. plastic small black

7: _____ calculations have shown that the earth’s resources may run out before the end of the next century.

A.  Crude                  B. Blunt               C. Rude                D. Raw

8: The book says that the revolution was_____ off by the assassination of the state governor.

A. launched              B. cropped          C. triggered           D. prompted

9: Jane had a problem with her finances, so we talked _____and no wit's fine.

A. over                    B. it over             C. over it               D. over and over

10: Governments should __________ international laws against terrorism.

A. bring up            B. bring in           C.  bring about          D. bring back

11: Beneath the streets of a modern city _____ of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants.

A.  the existing network                            B. exists the network

C. the network’s existence                         D.  where exists

12: I usually buy my clothes_____. It’s cheaper than going to the dress maker.

A. on the house        B. off the peg        C. in public         D. on the shelf

13: We put his rude manner __________ ignorance of our British customs.

A. up to              B. down to            C. off at                     D. up with

14: If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable _____, because it seems too good to be true.

A. reservation           B. disbelief               C. suspicion              D. doubt

15: She lifted the phone receiver, __________ slightly.

A. her hands trembling                                B.  her hands were trembling

C. her hands trembled                                 D. with her hands trembling

16: He suddenly saw Sue _____the room. He pushed his way_____ the crowd of people to get to her.

A. across/through     B. over/through      C. over/along      D. across/across

17: I would sooner you __________ the office phone for personal purpose.

A. shouldn’t have used      B. shouldn’t use    C. not to use     D. didn’t use

18: – “Ooh! Shakespeare in Love” on Channel Four!‟ - “ __________ !‟

A. Go and watch it                                       B.  It’s all right

C. But I want to see it                                  D. But it’s football’s time

19: Is it necessary that I _____  here tomorrow?

A. am being            B. were                  C. be                 D. would be

20: I walked away as calmly as I could . _______ , they would have thought I was a thief.

A. If so                  B. Or else             C. In case               D.  Owing to

21: "Your parents must be proud of your result at school". - "_______"

A. Sorry to hear that.                            B. I am glad you like it.

C. Thanks. It's certainly encouraging.      D. Of course

22: In most _____ developed countries, up to 50% of _____ population enters higher education at some time in their lives.

A. Ø / Ø                B. the / Ø              C. Ø / the              D.  the / a

23: Linda: "It's been a tough couple of months, but I think the worst is behind us now." Jill: " _______. "

A. Good!          B. Good luck!       C. Good morning.     D.  Goodness me!

24: _____ her fiction describes women in unhappy marriages.

A. Many of       B. large number of   C. Much of        D. A great variety of

25: What made Peter __________ his family and his job? Where did he go and why?

A. walk away on     B. leave out at      C. go off on        D. walk out on

26: Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have _____ any solutions.

A. come up with     B.  thought over    C. got round to       D. looked into

27: _______ after the World War II, the United Nations has been actively carrying out its convention to stop wars and bring peace to nations worldwide.

A. Having been established                                B. Being found

C. To be established                                          D. Established

28: _______________ William Shakespeare is the most widely known.

A. With all writers in English                   B. All writers in English

C. All of the writers in English                  D. Of all writers in English

29: Ann's encouraging words gave me _______ to undertake the demanding task once again.

A.  an incentive        B. a resolution         C. a point          D. a target

30: After the flash flood, all the drains were overflowing _______storm water.

A. with                     B. by                    C. from                   D. for 

Choose the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in the following questions

31: Roget's Thesaurus, a collection of English words and phrases, was originally arranged by the ideas they express rather than by alphabetical order.

A. restricted           B. as well as          C. unless           D. instead of

32: With the dawn of space exploration, the notion that atmospheric conditions on Earth may be unique in the solar system was strengthened.

A. outcome          B. continuation        C. beginning       D. expansion

33: Let's wait here for her; I'm sure she'll turn up before long.

A. arrive             B. return              C. enter                  D. visit

Choose the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in the following sentences. 

34: In remote communities, it's important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in.

A. remake           B. empty             C.  refill                 D. repeat

35: There has been no discernible improvement in the noise levels since lorries were banned.

A. clear               B.  obvious              C. thin             D. insignificant 

Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space.


It might after all be true that you are only as old as you feel. A British clinic is carrying out new high-tech tests to calculate the “real” biological age of patients (36)_____ (on the rate of physical deterioration. Information on every (37)_____ of a patient’s health, fitness, lifestyle and family medical history is (38)_____ in to a computer to work out whether they are older or younger than their calendar age suggests.

The availability and increasing accuracy of the tests has (39)_____ one  leading British gerontologist to call for biological age to be used to determine when workers should retire. He (40)_____ that if an employee’s biological or “real” age is shown, for example, to be 55 when he reaches his 65th birthday, he should be (41)_____ to work for another decade. Apparently most employers only take into (42)_____ a person’s calendar years, and the two may differ considerably. Some of those prepared to pay a substantial sum of money for the examinations will be able to smugly walk away with medical (43)_____ showing that they really are as young as they feel, giving them the confidence to act and dress as if they were younger. Dr Lynette Yong, resident doctor at the clinic where the tests are offered claims that the purpose of these tests will be to motivate people to (44)_____ their health.

The concept of “real” age is set to be come big (45)_____ in the USA with books and websites helping people work out whether their body is older or younger than their years. Others firmly believe that looks will always be the best indicator of age.


36:      A. prospect          B. arranged         C. based           D. established

37:      A. attitude           B. position          C. decided         D.  aspect

38:      A. planned          B. provided          C. supplied        D. fed

39:      A. prodded         B. prompted         C. projected       D. provoked

40:      A.  argues           B. discusses        C. enquires         D. debates

41:      A.  incited           B. encouraged      C. supported       D. promoted

42:      A. detail             B. account            C. interest          D. importance

43:      A. evidence         B. grounds           C. signs             D. demonstration

44:      A. increase          B. gain                C.  improve        D. progress

45:      A. pursuit           B.  concern            C. trade             D. business

 Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question.

As the twentieth century began, the importance of formal education in the United States increased. The frontier had mostly disappeared and by 1910 most Americans lived in towns and cities. Industrialization and the bureaucratization of economic life combined with a new emphasis upon credentials and expertise to make schooling increasingly important for economic and social mobility. Increasingly, too, schools were viewed as the most important means of integrating immigrants into American society.

The arrival of a great wave of southern and eastern European immigrants at the turn of the century coincided with and contributed to an enormous expansion of formal schooling. By 1920 schooling to age fourteen or beyond was compulsory in most states, and the school year was greatly lengthened. Kindergartens, vacation schools, extracurricular activities, and vocational education and counseling extended the influence of public schools over the lives of students, many of whom in the larger industrial cities were the children of immigrants. Classes for adult immigrants were sponsored by public schools, corporations, unions, churches, settlement houses, and other agencies.

Reformers early in the twentieth century suggested that education programs should suit the needs of specific populations. Immigrant women were once such population. Schools tried to educate young women so they could occupy productive places in the urban industrial economy, and one place many educators considered appropriate for women was the home.

Although looking after the house and family was familiar to immigrant women, American education gave homemaking a new definition. In preindustrial economies, homemaking had meant the production as well as the consumption of goods, and it commonly included income-producing activities both inside and outside the home, in the highly industrialized early-twentieth-century United States, however, overproduction rather than scarcity was becoming a problem. Thus, the ideal American homemaker was viewed as a consumer rather than a producer. Schools trained women to be consumer homemakers cooking, shopping, decorating, and caring for children "efficiently" in their own homes, or if economic necessity demanded, as employees in the homes of others. Subsequent reforms have made these notions seem quite out-of-date.

46:   The paragraph preceding the passage probably discusses _____.

A. the industrialization and the bureaucratization of economic life the United States in the nineteen century.

B. the formal schooling in the United States in the nineteen century.

C. the urbanization in the United States in the nineteen century.

D. the most important means of integrating immigrants into American society in the nineteen century.

47:   It can be inferred from paragraph 1 that one important factor in the increasing importance of education in the United States was _____.

A. the expanding economic problems of schools

B. the growing number of schools in frontier communities

C. an increase in the number of trained teachers

D. the increased urbanization of the entire country

48:   The word "means" in line 5 is closest in meaning to _____.

A. qualifications          B. method        C. advantages        D.  probability

49:   The phrase "coincided with" in line 7 is closest in meaning to _____.

A. happened at the same time as           B.  ensured the success of

C.  was influenced by                              D. began to grow rapidly

50:   According to the passage, one important change in United States education by the 1920's was that _____.

A. the amount of time spent on formal education was limited

B. new regulations were imposed on nontraditional education

C. adults and children studied in the same classes

D. most places required children to attend school

51:   “Vacation schools and extracurricular activities”  are mentioned in line 9 to illustrate _____.

A. activities that competed to attract new immigrants to their programs.

B. alternatives to formal education provided by public schools

C. the importance of educational changes

D.  the increased impact of public schools on students

52:   According to the passage, early-twentieth century education reformers believed that _____.

A. special programs should be set up in frontier communities to modernize them

B.  corporations and other organizations damaged educational progress

C.  different groups needed different kinds of education

D. more women should be involved in education and industry

53:  The word "it" in line 19 refers to _____.

A.  education      B. consumption       C. production        D.  homemaking

54:   Women were trained to be consumer homemakers as a result of _____.

A. scarcity in the highly industrialized early-twentieth-century United States

B.  economic necessity in the highly industrialized early-twentieth-century United States

C. income-producing activities in the highly industrialized early-twentieth-century United States

D. overproduction in the highly industrialized early-twentieth-century United States

55:   Which paragraph mentions the importance of abilities and experience in formal schooling?

A. Paragraph 2      B. Paragraph 4       C. Paragraph 1       D. Paragraph 3

Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question.

A number of factors related to the voice reveal the personality of the speaker. The first is the broad area of communication, which includes imparting information by use of language, communicating with a group or an individual, and specialized communication through performance. A person conveys thoughts and ideas through choice of words, by a tone of voice that is pleasant or unpleasant, gentle or harsh, by the rhythm that is inherent within the language itself, and by speech rhythms that are flowing and regular or uneven and hesitant, and finally, by the pitch and melody of the utterance. When speaking before a group, a person's tone may indicate unsureness or fright, confidence or calm. At interpersonal levels, the tone may reflect ideas and feelings over and above the words chosen, or may belie themHere the speaker's tone can consciously or unconsciously reflect intuitive sympathy or antipathy, lack of concern or interest, fatigue, anxiety, enthusiasm or excitement, all of which are usually discernible by the acute listener. Public performance is a manner of communication that is highly specialized with its own techniques for obtaining effects by voice and /or gesture. The motivation derived from the text, and in the case of singing, the music, in combination with the performer's skills, personality, and ability to create empathy will determine the success of artistic, political, or pedagogic communication.

Second, the voice gives psychological clues to a person's self-image, perception of others, and emotional health. Self-image can be indicated by a tone of voice that is confident, pretentious, shy, aggressive, outgoing, or exuberant, to name only a few personality traits. Also the sound may give a clue to the facade or mask of that person, for example, a shy person hiding behind an overconfident front. How a speaker perceives the listener's receptiveness, interest, or sympathy in any given conversation can drastically alter the tone of presentation, by encouraging or discouraging the speaker. Emotional health is evidenced in the voice by free and melodic sounds of the happy, by constricted and harsh sound of the angry, and by dull and lethargic qualities of the depressed.     

56:   What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. The connection between voice and personality        

B. The function of the voice in performance

C. Communication styles                                                   

D. The production of speech

57:   What does the author mean by staring that, "At interpersonal levels, tone may reflect ideas and feelings over and above the words chosen" (lines 7-8)?

A. The tone of voice can carry information beyond the meaning of words.

B.  Feelings are more difficult to express than ideas.

C.  Feelings are expressed with different words than ideas are.

D. A high tone of voice reflects an emotional communication.

58:   The word "Here" in line 8 refers to _______ .

A.  words chosen     B.  the tone     C. ideas and feelings     D. interpersonal interactions

59:   The word "derived" in line 12 is closest in meaning to _______ .

A.  obtained            B. discussed             C. registered          D. prepared

60:   Why does the author mention "artistic, political, or pedagogic communication" in line 13?

A. As examples of basic styles of communication        

B.  To contrast them to singing

C. As examples of public performance                           

D.  To introduce the idea of self-image

61:   According to the passage, an exuberant tone of voice, may be an indication of a person's _______ .

A. vocal quality                              B. ability to communicate   

C. personality                                D. general physical health

62:   According to the passage, an overconfident front may hide _______ .

A. hostility           B.  shyness         C. friendliness         D.  strength

63:   The word "drastically" in line 19 is closest in meaning to _______ .

A. exactly            B. frequently            C. severely           D. easily

64:   The word "evidenced" in line 20 is closest in meaning to _______ .

A. repeated           B. indicated         C. questioned         D. exaggerated

65:   According to the passage, what does a constricted and harsh voice indicate?

A.  Boredom           B. Anger             C. Lethargy          D. Depression 

Choose the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following sentences.

66: The science and technology industries have grown up steadily over the last decade.

A. steadily         B. have grown up        C. science          D. last decade

67: Originated in Ethiopia, coffee was drunk in the Arab world before it came to Europe inthe 17th century.

A. was drunk          B. came            C. Originated              D. in

68: The assassination Nathuran Vinayak Godse shot Mohandas K.Gandi in New Dehli, Indiaon September17, 1948.

A. on             B.  assassination          C. shot             D. September17

69: 4: The swirling winds of a tornado can reach quickly speeds close to 300 miles per hour.

A. close to         B.  reach quickly       C. per hour        D. swirling winds

70Thanks to new techniquescanning goods now have a much longer shelf life.

A. techniques     B. a much longer    C. canning goods     D. Thanks to 

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to each italic one.

71: Impressed as we were by the new cinema, we found it rather expensive.

A. We weren't as much impressed by the new cinema's look as its cost.

B. The new cinema was more expensive than we expected.

C. We were very impressed by the new cinema, but found it rather expensive.

D. We were not impressed by the new cinema at all because it looked rather expensive.

72: Even though some events were cancelled, thousands of people attended the festival.

A.  In spite some cancelled events, thousands of people attended the festival.

B. Despite the cancellation of some events, thousands of people attended the festival.

C. No matter how many people attended the festival, some events were cancelled.

D. As some events were cancelled, thousands of people attended the festival.

73:  I found myself at a loss to understand my closest friend's words.

A. I understood my closest friend's words completely.

B. I found my closest friend's words easy to understand.

C. I lost heart and didn't understand my closest friend's words

D. I found my closest friend's words quite incomprehensible.

74:  She should know better than to lend the money to him.

A. She knew it would be better not to lend him the money.

B.  She oughtn't to lend him the money.

C. She was just being helpful when she lent him the money.

D. It would be kind of her to lend him the money.

75:  What you have been saying is beside the point.

A. You was honest to have said about the point like that .

B.  What you have been saying is quite irrelevant.

C. You have been talking too much about the point.

D. What you have been saying is beyond my expectation. 

Choose the word whose bold part is pronounced differently.

76: Aextinction          Bexhibit         C.  exhaustion        D.  exist

77: A. document          B. education     C. endangered        D. secondary

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

78: A. consider           B. apply           C. Provide               D. offer

79: A. pollution          B. attractive       C. separate            D. activity

80: A. invaluable        B. intimacy        C. investigate         D. intensity


















































































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