Đề thi thử đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối D,A1 có đáp án năm 2014 (P15)

Các em tham khảo đề thi thử đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối D,A1 năm 2014 Tuyensinh247 cập nhật dưới đây.


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

1.  A. magnificent           B. appliances          C. potentially        D. preservation

2. A. architect             B. electric               C. mineral             D. luxury

3.  A. photochemical   B. trigonometry        C. dramatically      D. alphabetical

4. A. imagine               B. horizon            C. property              D. computer

5. A. assassinate          B. contributor        C. agriculture          D. arithmetic

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

6. All members of my family are                             aware of the need to obey the family rules.

 A. well                    B. much                  C. greatly                      D. far

7. The number of homeless people after the flood                             dramatically.

A. are increasing           B. has increased         C. increase        D. had increased

8.         We are going to build a fence around the field with a view to___________ sheep and cattle.

A. to breeding                B. breed                C. to breed                 D. breeding

9.  John __________ this task yesterday morning, but I did it for him. He owes me a  thank-you. 

A. must have completed                                  B. should have completed  

C. could have completed                                 D. may have completed 

10. The man who was driving the truck would not admit that he had been at fault, and                       .

A. neither had the other driver                         B. neither would the other driver

C. neither the other driver                               D. the other driver neither

11.       I walked away as calmly as I could__________ , they would have thought I was a thief.

A. In case                   B. If so                   C. Or else                  D. Owing to

12.       Everyone can join our club, ________age and sex.

A. not mention          B. in case of             C. in place of           D. regardless of

13.       The polar bear's ___________depends on its ability to catch fish.

A. survival                B. survive                 C. surviving                D. survivor

14.       "Your parents must be proud of your result at school". - "      ”

A. Sorry to hear that.                           B. Thanks. It's certainly encouraging.

C. Of course                                       D. I am glad you like it.

15.________ have made communication faster and easier through the use of email and Internet is widely recognized.

A. It is that computers                                             B. That computers      

C. Computers that                                                  D. That it is computers

16.       "Do you like pop music or jazz?" "I don't like________ of them. I prefer classical music."

A. either                   B. neither                    C. both                         D. any

17.       Sometimes in a bad situation, there may still be some good things. Try not to “ throw out the___with the bath water.”

A. fish                    B. duck                      C. baby                        D. child

18. _________ any employee be ill, they must call the office to inform their head of departure.

A. Were                  B. Should                   C. Had                            D. If

19.       Genetically, the chimpanzee is more similar to humans___________

A. are than any other animal                  B. than is any other animal

C.  any other animal is                           D. and any other animal is

20.       It was so foggy that the driver couldn't_________the traffic signs.

A. make out                 B. break out                 C. keep out                D. take out

21. Originally settled by Polynesians around 700 AD. _______________________.

A. Hawaii’s first European visitor, Captain James Cook, landed there in 1778

B.  in 1778 the first European, Captain James Cook, visitedHawaii

C.  Hawaii received its first European visitor in 1778, when Captain James Cook landed there

D. the first European to visitHawaiiwas Captain James Cook, landing there in 1778

22.  Don't___________to phone Mrs Whitman, I've already talked to her.

A. concern                  B. bother                     C. mind                          D. worry

23.     It was with a  ________ heart that she said goodbye to all her classmates.

A. solemn                    B. heavy                    C. dismal                     D. grim

24. ________ after the World War II, the United Nations has been actively carrying out its convention to stop wars

and bring peace to nations worldwide.

A. Established                                           B. Being found                     

C. To be established                              D. Having been established

25.       UnderUKopportunity laws, an employee__________ against on the grounds of race, religion or gender.

A. didn't use to discriminate                         B. should not discriminate

C.  cannot be discriminated                          D. hasn't been discriminating

26.       The foundation of all other branches of mathematics is arithmetic,_____science of calculating with numbers.

A. is the                  B. the                     C. which the               D. because the

27.       She'd rather I________ to the party with her yesterday.

A. had to go             B. to have gone              C. went               D. had gone

28.  In the northern and central parts ofIdahoand Churning rivers           

A. majestic mountains are found                  B. found majestic mountains

C.  are found majestic mountains                 D. finding majestic mountains

29. British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as __________

A. cats and dogs    B. chalk and cheese   C. salt and pepper     D. turn a deaf ear

30.  Some political parties have such similar manifestos that they are difficult to ____________

A. tell apart              B. say apart                C. speak apart              D. differ

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

  31.     Names of people in the book were changed to preserve anonymity.

A. reveal                B. conserve                  C. cover                  D. presume

32.       In remote communities, it's important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in.

A. empty                 B. refill                    C. repeat                     D. remake

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

33.    The foreign student advisor recommended that she studied more English

                  A                                                                 B

before en­rolling at the university.

               C           D                   

34.       Thanks to new techniques, canning goods now have a much longer shelf life.

                 A                     B                 C                                   D

35.       Originated in Ethiopia, coffee was drunk in the Arab world before it came to

                 A                                       B                                                C

Europe in the 17th century.


36. The swirling winds of a tornado can reach quickly speeds close to 300 miles

                  A                                            B                        C

per hour.


37.   In a hot, sunny climate, man acclimatizes by eating less, drinking

        A                                                               B

more liquids, wearing lighter clothing,and experience a darkening of the skin   

       C                                                       D                                                    

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.


38. In rural Midwestern towns of the USA, the decisions that affect most residents are made at general  assemblies in schools and churches.

A. concerts            B. public libraries           C. gatherings          D. prayer services

39.       The teacher gave some suggestions on what could come out for the examination.

A. effects             B. symptoms               C. hints                D. demonstrations

40.       Roget's Thesaurus, a collection of English words and phrases, was originally arranged by the ideas they express rather than by alphabetical order.

A. restricted               B. as well as               C. unless                D. instead of

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 41 to 50.

A worrying question which_______ (41) global attention is severe overpopulation and its drastic effects in the countries of theThird World. In regions where the birth rate is extremely high, poverty and starvation are __________(42). InIndia, there is________(43) of thirty five infants being born every minute, yet the most shocking figures are those which______(44) the enormous number of the victims of famine in certain African territories. Communities afflicted with acute destitution are additionally confronted with illiteracy, life in appalling conditions and infectious diseases___________(45) the indigenous populations. There is an urgent need for these problems to be solved . Unless measures are taken to__________(46) the suffering of the impoverished underdeveloped nations, desperate crowds of immigrants will __________ (47) in flooding the richer states in____________(48) of a brighter future. It's the most _____________ (49) task for the international giants nowadays to help the poor populations get out of the poverty      ___________(50).

41. A. insists               B. wishes             C. requires                D. asks

42. A. profuse             B. rife                  C. generous             D. predominant

43. A. a ratio              B. a measure        C. an average           D. a proportion 

44. A. appear              B. refer                C. indicate                   D. comprise

45.A. decimating         B. enumerating     C. discounting            D. outnumbering

46. A. discard             B. vanish              C. evaporate              D. ease

47. A. linger               B. maintain           C. persist                   D. remain

48. A. search              B. chase               C. lookout                  D. survey

49. A. confronting       B. challenging        C. rousing                  D. plaguing

50. A. lure                B. pitfall                 C. snare                    D. trap

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 51 to 60. 


Biological diversity has become widely recognized as a critical conservation issue only in the past two decades. The rapid destruction of the tropical rain forests, which are the ecosystems with the highest known species diversity on Earth, has awakened people to the importance and fragility of biological diversity. The high rate of species extinctions in these environments is jolting, but it is important to recognize the significance of biological diversity in all ecosystems. As the human population continues to expand, it will negatively affect one after another of Earth’s ecosystems. In terrestrial ecosystems and in fringe marine ecosystems (such as wetlands), the most common problem is habitat destruction. In most situations, the result is irreversible. Now humans are beginning to destroy marine ecosystems through other types of activities, such as disposal and runoff of poisonous waste; in less than two centuries, by significantly reducing the variety of species on Earth, they have irrevocably redirected the course of evolution.

Certainly, there have been periods in Earth’s history when mass extinctions have occurred. The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by some physical event, either climatic or cosmic. There have also been less dramatic extinctions, as when natural competition between species reached an extreme conclusion. Only 0.01 percent of the species that have lived on Earth have survived to the present, and it was largely chance that determined which species survived and which died out.

However, nothing has ever equaled the magnitude and speed with which the human species is altering the physical and chemical world and demolishing the environment. In fact, there is wide agreement that it is the rate of change humans are inflicting, even more than the changes themselves, that will lead to biological devastation. Life on Earth has continually been in flux as slow physical and chemical changes have occurred on Earth, but life needs time to adapt-time for migration and genetic adaptation within existing species and time for the proliferation of new genetic material and new species that may be able to survive in new environments.

51.  What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. The variety of species found in tropical rain forests

B. The cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs

C. The time required for species to adapt to new environments

D. The impact of human activities on Earth’s ecosystems

52.  The word “critical” is closest in meaning to

A. essential               B. negative               C. complicated             D. interesting

53.  The word “jolting” is closest in meaning to

A. illuminating              B. unknown             C. shocking                D. predicted

54.  The author mentions the reduction of the variety of species on Earth in line 7-8 to suggest that

A. humans are often made ill by polluted water

B. new habitats can be created for species

C. some species have been made extinct by human activity

D. understanding evolution can prevent certain species from disappearing

55.  The author mentions all of the following as examples of the effect of humans on the world’s ecosystems EXCEPT

 A. damage to marine ecosystems

 B. habitat destruction in wetlands

C. the introduction of new varieties of plant species

 D. destruction of the tropical rain forests

56.  The author mentions the extinction of the dinosaurs in the 2nd paragraph to emphasize that

A. not all mass extinctions have been caused by human activity

B. actions by humans could not stop the irreversible process of a species’ extinction

C. Earth’s climate has changed significantly since the dinosaurs’extinction

D. the cause of the dinosaurs’ extinction is unknown

57.  The word “magnitude” is closest in meaning to __________.

 A. carelessness                B. extent             C. determination              D. concern

58.  According to the passage, natural evolutionary change is different from changes caused by humans in that changes caused by humans __________.

    A. affect fewer ecosystems                              

    B. are occurring at a much faster rate

    C. are reversible                                               

    D. are less devastating to most species

59.  Which of the following can best replace “in flux” ?

 A. breaking               B. producing             C. changing              D. increasing

60.  With which of the following statements would the author be most likely to agree?

A. The extinction of a few species is an acceptable consequence of human progress.

B. Technology will provide solutions to problems caused by the destruction of ecosystems.

C. Human influence on ecosystems should not be a factor in determining public policy.

D. Humans  should be more conscious of the influence they have on ecosystems.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 61 to 70.


 At 7pm on a dark, cold November evening, thousands of people are making their way across a vast car park. They're not here to see a film, or the ballet, or even the circus. They are all here for what is, bizarrely, a global phenomenon: they are here to seeHolidayon Ice. Given that most people don't seem to be acquainted with anyone who's ever been, the show's statistics are extraordinary: nearly 300 million people have seenHolidayon Ice since it began in 1943; it is the most popular live entertainment in the world.

But what does the production involve? And why are so many people prepared to spend their lives travelling roundEuropein caravans in order to appear in it? It can't be glamorous, and it's undoubtedly hard work. The backstage atmosphere is an odd mix of gym class and workplace. A curtained-off section at the back of the arena is laughably referred to as the girls' dressing room, but is more accurately described as a corridor, with beige, cracked walls and cheap temporary tables set up along the length of it. Each girl has a small area littered with pots of orange make-up, tubes of mascara and long false eyelashes.

As a place to work, it must rank pretty low down the scale: the area round the ice-rink is grey and mucky with rows of dirty blue and brown plastic seating and red carpet tiles. It's an unimpressive picture, but the show itself is

an unquestionably vast, polished global enterprise: the lights come from a firm in Texas, the people who make the audio system are in California, but Montreal supplies the smoke effects; former British Olympic skater Robin Cousins is now creative director for the company and conducts a vast master class to make sure they're ready for the show's next performance.

The next day, as the music blares out from the sound system, the cast start to go through their routines under

Cousins' direction. Cousins says, The aim is to make sure they're all still getting to exactly the right place on the ice at the right time - largely because the banks of lights in the ceiling are set to those places, and if the skaters are all half a metre out they'll be illuminating empty ice. Our challenge,' he continues, 'is to produce something they can sell in a number of countries at the same time. My theory is that you take those things that people want to see and you give it to them, but not in the way they expect to see it. You try to twist it. And you have to find music that is challenging to the skaters, because they have to do it every night.'

It may be a job which he took to pay the rent, but you can't doubt his enthusiasm. 'The only place you'll see certain skating moves is an ice show,' he says, 'because you're not allowed to do  them in competition. It's not in the rules. So the ice show world has things to offer which the competitive world just doesn't.' Cousins knows what he's talking about because he skated for the show himself when he stopped competing - he was financially unable to retire. He learnt  the hard way that you can't put on an Olympic performance every night. 'I'd be thinking, these people have paid their money, now do your stuff, and I suddenly thought, "I really can't cope. I'm not enjoying it".' The solution, he realised, was to give 75 per cent every night, rather than striving for the sort of twice-a-year excellence which won him medals.

To be honest, for those of us whose only experience of ice-skating is watching top-class Olympic skaters, some of the movements can look a bit amateurish, but then, who are we to judge? Equally, it's impossible not to be swept up in the whole thing; well, you'd have to try pretty hard not to enjoy it.

 61.   According to paragraph 1 the writer is surprised to see that althoughHoliday on Ice is popular __________.

A. people often prefer other types of show

B. people prefer to see a film, the ballet, or the circus

C. most people consider it as a holiday

D. few people know someone who has seen it

62.   From the phrase "it must rank pretty low down the scale" in paragraph 3 we can infer that       .

A. Holiday on Ice has rather poor working condition

B. Holiday on Ice has a very dirty place to work

C. skaters do not enjoy working in this place              

D. skaters do not earn much money from the job

63. Which of the following adjectives can be used to describe the backstage area?

A. glamorous                  B. relaxing                  C. messy                    D. old

64. It is mentioned in paragraph 3 that                        .

A. many companies are involved in the production

B. it is difficult to find suitable equipment

C. the show needs financial support                        

D. the show has been staged in many places

65. For Robin Cousins, the aim of the rehearsal is                       .

A. to keep in time with the music                    B. to adjust the spotlights

C. to be acquainted with the stage                  D. to position the skaters on the ice

66. Cousins's theory on how to produce shows for different audiences is that                    .

A. he adapts movements to suit everyone               

B. he selects suitable music

C. he presents performances in an unexpected way

D. he varies the routines every night

67. It is suggested in paragraph 5 that skating in shows                        .

A. enables skaters to visit a variety of places          

B. is as competitive as other forms of skating

C. can be particularly well paid                               

D. allows skaters to try out original skating moves

68. The pronoun "them" in paragraph 5 refers to                     _.

A. certain skating moves                                  B. some famous skaters

C. some live performances                              D. certain ice shows

69. The phrase "the hard way" in paragraph 5 most likely means                      .

A. by working very hard                                 

B. by having expectations of others

C. through personal experience                                  

D. through doing things again and again

70. Which of the following is the writer's conclusion ofHolidayon Ice?

A. Olympic ice-skating is more enjoyable thanHolidayon Ice.

B. Everyone should enjoy watchingHolidayon Ice.

C. Holiday on Ice requires more skills than Olympic ice-skating.

D. It is hard to know who really enjoysHolidayon Ice.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions.


71: He is an authority on primitive religion.

A. He is famous for his vast knowledge of primitive religion.

B. He has authority over the people who practise primitive religion.

C. He has a great influence on the people who practise primitive religion.

D. He has official permission to practice primitive religion.

72.  What you have been saying is beside the point.

A. You was honest to have said about the point like that .

B. What you have been saying is quite irrelevant.

C. You have been talking too much about the point.

D. What you have been saying is beyond my expectation.

73. Impressed as we were by the new cinema, we found it rather expensive.

A. The new cinema was more expensive than we expected.

B. We were not impressed by the new cinema at all because it looked rather expensive.

C. We weren't as much impressed by the new cinema's look as its cost.

D. We were very impressed by the new cinema, but found it rather expensive.

74. She should know better than to lend the money to him.

A. She knew it would be better not to lend him the money.

B. She oughtn't to lend him the money.

C. She was just being helpful when she lent him the money.

D. It would be kind of her to lend him the money.

75. Even though some events were cancelled, thousands of people attended the festival.

A. No matter how many people attended the festival, some events were cancelled

B. In spite some cancelled events, thousands of people attended the festival.

C. As some events were cancelled, thousands of people attended the festival.

D. Despite the cancellation of some events, thousands of people attended the festival.

76. Wouldn't it be better to let them know about the alterations to the plan?

   A. Why haven't they been informed about the new development?

   B. Shouldn't they have been consulted before the scheme was changed?

   C. Don't you think they should be informed about the changes in the plan?

   D. We'd better ask them to change the plan, hadn't we?

77.  They would never have accepted his money if they had known his plans.

       A. They took the money he offered them without realising his purposes.

       B. They knew what he wanted to do, so they refused his money.

       C. They agreed with his wishes because they were glad to have his money.

         D. They didn’t know his plans and never took money from him.

78.   Many countries share the view that drastic measures must be taken to stop the pollution of the seas.

    A. The pollution of the seas can only be prevented providing that many countries follow the same policy.

   B. A lot of countries agree that it is essential to take strong action to put an end to the pollution of the seas.

C. By putting into practice a series of precautions, it is generally believed that the pollution of the seas will be prevented.

   D. The seas will, it seems, continue to be polluted unless this agreement is accepted by a majority of the countries.

79.  People donated a lot, so the victims of the tsunami are now able to overcome difficulties.

A. To overcome difficulties, the victims of the tsunami needed people's generous donation.

 B. But for people's generous donation, the victims of the tsunami wouldn't be able to overcome difficulties now.

C. The victims of the tsunami are now able to overcome difficulties but for people's donation.

D. Despite people's generous donation, the victims of the tsunami are facing lots of difficulties.

80.  "I will let you know the answer by the end of this week, ” Tom said to Janet.

A. Tom suggested giving Janet the answer by the end of this week.

B. Tom promised to give Janet the answer by the end of this week.

C. Tom insisted on letting Janet know the answer by the end of this week.

D. Tom offered to give Janet the answer by the end of this week.


















































































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