Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Anh - Tam Đảo 2016

Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Anh phòng GD Tam Đảo năm 2016 có đáp án chi tiết, các em cùng làm thử và so sánh đáp án nhé:






NĂM 2016-2017

 Môn: Tiếng Anh

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1.0

1. A. student               B. study                      C. studio                     D. stupid

2. A. dictation             B. question                  C. foundation              D. action

3. A. sad                      B. man                      C. fan                       D. car

4. A. ended                 B. wanted                    C. completed               D. finished

II. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. 2.5

5. They used _______ in the countryside.

            A. to living                  B. living                      C. to live                     D. live

6. What should we do to reduce the level of environmental ______?

            A. pollution                 B. pollute                    C. polluted                  D. polluting

7. I _______ John since he moved to our neighborhood.

            A. knew                      B. has known              C. have known            D. know

8. They haven’t finished the project, ________?

            A. haven’t they                                               B. have they

            C. do they                                                       D. don’t they

9. We listened _________ while the examiner gave us the directions.

            A. attention           B. attentively            C. attentive                 D. attentiveness

10. He asked me ________?

            A. where did I live                                          B. where I lived

            C. where do I live                                           D. where I live

11. The police told him ________ his car at the entrance to the hospital.

            A. not park                B. don’t park            C. not to park               D. don’t to park  

12. I’ve looked _______ my book everywhere but I can’t find it.

            A. for                          B. after                                    C. at                       D. in

13. This department store ________ three years ago.

            A. built                        B. was built                 C. builds                      D. is built

14. Joe has three sisters. He wishes he _______ a brother.

            A. have                        B. will have                 C. has                          D. had

III. Choose the option that needs correcting in each sentence. 1.0

15. How long have you know your teacher?

        A               B             C                 D

16. I have had a wonderful times in Ho Chi Minh City.

              A                 B           C                          D

17. What would happen if the temperature is warmer?

               A                   B             C                  D

18. Da Lat, where is located on Highland, is famous for mild climate.

                             A                               B               C              D

IV. Read the text then choose the best options to complete the statements. 1.0

            Most of the people who like films are only interested in the leading actor or actress when they enjoy a film. It seems to them that  only the actors or actresses have made the film successful. They always pay attention to their appearance, performance, and fashion. There are many film viewers who have no awareness of the other people’s work to make a film. A finished film is, actually, the result of the collaboration of many people, and the most important among them are the scriptwriter, the cinematographer, the film editor, the actor, and the director. Especially, in some thrilling scenes, the roles of stuntmen are very important. They are always in danger when they are acting; some of them are even badly hurt or dead. But what a pity, many film viewers rarely appreciate their work.

19. To many film viewers, ________.

A. the director is the most important                   

B. no one is more important than the leading actor or actress

C. the stuntmen play the most important role      

D. the most important person is the cinematographer

20. Many film viewers always pay attention to ________.

A. the director’s name and appearance                

B. the pictures taken by the cinematographer

C. the leading actors’ or actresses’ family           

D. the actors’ and actresses’ appearance, performance, and fashion

21. The work of stuntmen is ________.

 A. secure                     B. dangerous                  C. interesting             D. thrilled

22. A finished film is the result of the collaboration of _______.

A. many people                

B. the actors                           

C. the actresses          

D. the director

V. Choose the best options to complete the text 1.0

            A new study shows that women can reduce their chances of developing heart disease (1) _______ jogging for about three hours every week. The researchers atHarvardMedicalUniversityinBostonhave just reported the results of the study on the New England Journal of Medicine. The study is the first to show the effectiveness of jogging in the developing of heart disease in women. Only (2) ________ earlier studies have examined the effects of jogging on the heart, but nearly all have been done on men. The new study involves more than 72,000 women between the (3)________ of forty and sixty-five during a period of eight years. The researchers have found that women (4)________ jog at least three hours a week have a thirty to forty percent lower chance of owning a heart attack than those who do not.

23. A. by                     B. to                            C. of                            D. in

24. A. a little               B. a few                       C. many                      D. much

25. A. age                    B. years                      C. years old                 D. ages

26. A. who                  B. which                      C. how                        D. those  

VI. Use the correct form of the words in CAPITAL to complete each sentence. 1.0  

27. His parents were ________ that he failed the final examinations.           DISAPPOINT

28. You should listen to the teacher ________.                                             CARE

29. He is a famous ________ in the world.                                                    SCIENCE

30. Mary has made a good _______ on this matter.                                       DECIDE

VII. Complete the sentences in such a way that they remain unchanged from the original ones. 1.0

31. I was very sleepy but I still wanted to watch the football match on TV.

    Although ______________________________________________________________

32. “Do you know what the time is, Mary?” asked John.

    John asked ____________________________________________________________

33. The teacher is introducing a new game.

    A new _______________________________________________________________

34. I haven’t been in this village since May.

     The last time __________________________________________________________

VIII. Write a passage. 1.5

In 100-120 words, present a writing passage on the benefits of the Face book in school life.

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