Tài liệu ôn tập học kì 1 lớp 12 môn Anh - THPT Thăng Long 2017

Đề cương ôn tập kiểm tra học kì 1 môn Anh lớp 12 năm học 2017 - 2018 của trường THPT Thăng Long, cụ thể như sau.

NỘI DUNG KIỂM TRA HK1 (2017-2018) – Môn Anh văn  L. 12



Number of sentences

1. Sonnds

( Multiple choice)

a. Final sounds of “ED”

Words from Unit 4,5 and 6


b. Final sounds of S / ES

c. “a” pronounced as /æ/,

/ə/ or / eI /

2. Stress

(multiple choice)


Words from Unit 4,5 and 6


3. Vocabulary

( multiple choice)

a. state school / independent school/ private school/ high school/ primary school / university

b. employ/ employer/ employee/ employed/ unemployed

c. apply / applicant / application

d. qualify / qualified / unqualified



4. Tenses

- The present tense



-The present perfect tense


- The present continuous tenses


- The simple past tense


- The past continuous tense


-The past perfect tense


5. Passive voice

(Multiple choice)


5a. The air conditioner _________________ by my father every three months.

A. was cleaned                    B. cleans                    

C. is cleaned                         D. cleaned

5b. Becky is making some coffee.

-> Some coffee __________ by Becky.

A. made                                 B. is made

C. was making                     D. is being made


6. reported speech

( Multiple choice)

- Statement

- Questions

- Imperative

6a. Laurie said, “Don’t shout, Jimmy.”

A. Laurie asked Jimmy not to shout.

B. Laurie asked Jimmy not  shouting

C. Laurie told Jimmy don’t shout.

D. Laurie said that Jimmy didn’t shout.

6b. Tim said, “ Do you stay here, Rita?”

-> Tim asked Rita ___________________.

A. did she stay here

B. if she stayed there

C. if she stays there

D. does she stay here

6c. Keith wanted to know _____________

A. where was the cat.

B. where is the cat.

C. where the cat was?

D. where the cat was.


7. Verb Patterns

(Multiple choice)

a. Verbs followed by to infinitive : hope / decide / offer / advise / allow / permit / remind / want / refuse/expect /allow / permit / be willing /

7a. The old man __________ us not to stay in the village near the volcano.

A. let                                B. advised

C. suggested                  D. made


b. Verbs followed by V-ing:

deny / admit / suggest / allow / permit / spend / keep / practice

c. Verbs followed by bare infinitive: let / make / help

d. Verbs followed by bear infinitive and V-ing: forget / remember

8. Prepositions

(Multiple choice)

a. Verb+preposition :

- complain to sb about st.

- consist of

- be made up of

- explain st. to sb.

- graduate from

- concentrate on

- fight for / against

- congratulate sb. on st.

- relate to

- prepare for

8a. Jenny said, “ I’m sorry that I am impolite to you, Jack.

A. Jenny apologized to Jack for being impolite to him.

B. Jenny admitted about being impolite to Jack.

C. Jenny refused to be impolite with Jack.

D. Jenny decided  not to be impolite with Jack.


9. Adjective+preposition

- interested in

- keen on

- worried about



10. Social conversation

-Making a request and responding

- Saying a thank you and responding

9a. SUE: Can you take me to the airport?

       ROB: _______________.

A.  Never mind        B. Yes, of course

C. Any time               D. Go ahead

9b. GINA: Thank you very much for your new CD, I really like it.

       KATH: _______________.

A. My pleasure       B. All right

C. Of course             D. It’s really good


11. Relative clauses

(Multiple choice)

Who/ which /that /where /when / why

11a. Keith bought an old car.

A. The car where Keith bought was old.

B. The car, that Keith bought, was old.

C. The car which Keith bought was old.

D. The car whom Keith bought was old.


12. Conditional clauses

If / wish / unless



13. Error Identification

( Verb patterns / Passive voice / Preposition / relative clauses / conditional sentences )

13a. My sister complained with me    about playing the music very loudly.

A. with me                         B. about

C. playing                           D. loudly

10b. The teacher  looked  at  me and  asked did I   understood   what he said.

A. at                                      B. asked

C. did I                                 D. said    

10c. My father remembered   the college where she first met my mother in.   

A. remembered               B. the

C. first                                D. in


14. Reading

Topic : family,          culture ,  job and education

A. Reading comprehension




B. Gap Filling





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