Đề thi học kì 2 môn Anh lớp 11 có đáp án năm 2014 (P6)

Tuyensinh247 cập nhật Đề thi học kì 2 môn Anh lớp 11 năm 2014 - phần 6. Chi tiết đề thi và đáp án mời các em tham khảo dưới đây.


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest

1. A. Portugal             B. psychology              C. Spain               D. person

2.A. concerned           B. passed                   C. managed         D. preserved

3.A. thousand            B. relatives                 C. newspaper        D. transfer

Circle the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the rest.

4. A. classify             B. organize                 C. occupy              D. admire

5. A. regularly           B. successful               C. accompany       D. variety

Choose the best option to complete these following sentences

6.    She is the famous writer______ books I always enjoy reading.

A. who                 B. that                    C. whose                       D. whom

7.    My mind has been too occupied with the coming examinations.

A. tired                 B. excited                 C. busy                     D. bored

8.    The Asian games are held for the______ of developing intercultural knowledge.

 A. objective           B. purpose              C. aim               D. target

9.    All fossil fuels are ______ resources that cannot be replaced after use.

A. non-renewable           B. renewable             C. available         D. unlimited

10.     The hotel in which we are staying is neither spacious ________.

A. or comfortable        B. nor comfortable      C. or comfort        D. nor comfort

11.    The natural enviroment consists______ all natural resources.

A. of                    B. to                         C. on                          D. in

12.    The water in this river is too seriously polluted to swim in.

A. disappeared           B. purified         C. endangered       D. contaminated

13.    He has gone to school by bus since his bicycle ______ stolen last week.

A. was                            B. is                 C. has been                  D. were

14.    Football has the most______ of all sports.

A. attractive              B. attractor                C. attract              D. attraction

15.    In 1961, Yuri Gagarin lifted _____into space aboard the Vostok 1. (aboard: on or into a ship, an aircraft, a train...)

A. off                  B. up                       C. on                         D. in

16.    Neil Armstrong was the first person ______ foot on the moon.

A. to set                B. to be set                  C. who setting              D. set

17.    Nobody wants to talk to him, ______?

A. don’t he            B. doesn’t he               C. do they              D. don’t they

18.    The woman next door, to ______ I talked last week, is moving next month.

A. who                 B. whom                  C. her                           D. that

19.    The average T.V ______ time of the British is about 25 hours a week.

A. viewing            B. observing              C. seeing                   D. looking

20.    My father, ______ knows a lot about this sort of thing, told me about what I should do.

A. whose               B. that                 C. where                        D. who

21.    Neither him nor I ______ good at English.

A. is                     B. are                         C. am                   D. aren’t

22.    Smoking______ bad for health, so my father ______ many years ago.

A. is/ has stopped smoking                              B. was/stopped smoking

C. is / stopped to smoke                                 D. is/ stopped smoking

Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

23.    The song to that we listened last night was beautiful.

A. that                 B. The song                C. listened                     D. was

24.    After Ann finished his homework, he watched a cartoon film.

A. cartoon film          B. finished            C. After                      D. watched

25.    I don’t remember the people whom came late.

A. the                     B. late                     C. whom                  D. I don’t

26.    Both Lan and Hoa is very good at chemistry.

A. Both                  B. at chemistry               C. and                     D. is

Choose the sentence that is similar to the root one.

27.    We need to plant trees and protect forests from being cut.

            A. Trees need planted and forests need protected from being cut.

            B. Trees need planting and forests need protecting from being cut.

            C. Trees need to plant and forests need to protect from being cut.

            D. Trees need plant and forests need protect from being cut.

28.    Neither Tom nor his father has been toItaly.

A. Tom wants his father to go toItaly.                     

B. Not only Tom but also his father has been toItaly.

C. Either Tom or his father hasn’t been toItaly.       

D. Tom has been toItaly, and so has his father.

29.    “You shouldn’t lend him any more money” said she.

A. She advised us to not lend any more money.       

B. She advised us not lending him any more money.

C. She advised us not to lend him any more money.

D. She advised us not lend him any more money.

30.    There are no parks or gardens in the city centre.

A. It is in the city centre that there were no parks or gardens.

B. It is in the city centre that there are no parks or gardens.

C. It was in the city centre that there are no parks or gardens.

D. It was parks and gardens that no in the city centre

Read and then choose the correct option to complete each blank.

Human beings (31)____ to protect only the beautiful and non-threat­ening parts of our environment. We tend to pay more (32)____ to ani­mals on land than any other large sea animals. Environmentalists have not done much enough to help save thePacific Oceansharks (33)____ population has decreased nearly to the point of extinction.

Sharks are among the oldest creatures on Earth, having survived in the seas for more than 350 million years. The fact that they have managed to live in the oceans for so many millions of years is enough proofs of their efficiency and adaptability to change environments. It is time (34)____ human beings to begin considering the protection of sharks as (35)____ important part of a program for protection of our natural environment.

31.   A. seem               B. make              C. advise                        D. let

32. A. pleasure            B. attention          C. notice                         D. fun

33.  A. that                 B. whom               C. whose                        D. which

34. A. for that             B. when                C. for which                    D. for

35. A. No article          B. an                    C. the                          D. a

Read and then choose the best answer to the following sentences.

The origins of the Olympic Games can be traced back to ancientGreece, to as far back as 776 B.C. It was a Greek tradition to hold athletic competitions every four years in honour of their gods or dead heroes.

The prizes awarded to the winners of each event in those days were a crown of olive and a palm branch. Although this may seem meaningless in modern times, the true prize lay in the honour of having won the event. The winners were given places of honour on public occasions. In some towns they even exempted (be free) from paying taxes.

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athensin 1896. Since then, nations from around the world have been meeting every four years to compete against one another. New Olympic records are set every time they meet. The only exception to this quadrennial event was in 1944, when the Olympic Games were not held because of the Second World War. {trace: find the origin of}

36.    There were no Olympic Games in 1944 because ______.

 A. there was an exception                                   B. they were quadrennial

C. no record was set                                            D. of World War II

37.    The first Olympic Games were held ______.

 A. in four years            B. in about 776             C. in 1896               D. in 776

38.    How often do Olympic Games take place?

A. every four years    B. every three years    C. every two years    D. every year

39.    The purpose of the ancient Olympic Games was ______.

A. to hold competitions                                       B. to win a prize                 

C. to honour their gods                                      D. relaxing

40.    In those days, apart from a crown of olive and a palm branch as an award, some winners ______.

A. got exemption from taxes                               B. got a lot of money

C. got meaningless prize                                   D. were given public places










































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