Đề thi thử đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối D, A1 năm 2014 (P9)

Tuyensinh247 xin gửi đến các em Đề thi thử Đại học môn Anh của trường THPT Chu Văn An, Hà Nội. Đề thi bao gồm cả 2 phần trắc nghiệm và tự luận.



Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others in the group. Write your answers in the space provided.



C. permission














5.A. apologise













Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. Write your answers in the space provided.


A.Wholly                     B.Hardly                      C.Most        D.Virtually


A.over                      B.itover                    C.overit         D.over andover

3.Whentheelectricityfailed,he _____amatchto findthe candles.

A.rubbed                     B.scratched                  C.struck               D.Started

4.Iusuallybuymyclothes_____. It’scheaperthangoingtothedressmaker.

A.onthehouse              B.offthepeg                 C.inpublic          D.ontheshelf


A.launched                  B.cropped                    C.triggered       D.prompted

6.HesuddenlysawSue_____theroom.Hepushed hisway_____the crowdofpeople to get to her.

A.across/through         B.over/through           C.over/along       D.across/across

7.Herbusinessmustbe goingratherwell, _____ bythe carshedrives.

A.deducing                  B.deciding                C.inferring           D.judging

8.IfIwereyou,Iwould regardtheir offer withconsiderable_____,becauseitseemstoogoodto be true.

A.suspicion                  B.doubt                 C.reservation        D.disbelief

9.Mysister’sconfidenceinherabilityto playthepianowasbadly_____byherlastmusicteacher.

A.subsided                  B.weakened                 C.undermined         D.loosened

10.Yourgrandfatherisrathertired sodonot_____ yourvisit. Lethimhavearest.

A.prolong                    B.lengthen                    C.delay            D.shorten

11. Whether the sports club survives is a matter of complete _____ to me.

A. indifference            B. disinterest          C. importance        D. interest

12. The assistant suggested _____ the next day when the manager would be there.

A. we are coming back     B. to come back     C. we will come back  D. we come back

13. As it was Christmas, the _____ at church was much larger than usual.

A. audience         B. convention                C. congregation       D. grouping

14. Many _____ crafts such as weaving are now being revived.

A. customary          B. habitual              C. traditional        D. ordinary

15. Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have _____ any solutions.

A. thought over        B. come up with         C. looked into       D. got round to

16. _____ calculations have shown that the earth’s resources may run out before the end of the next century.

 A. Raw                       B. Rude                     C. Crude         D. Blunt

17. Prizes are awarded _____ the number of points scored.

A. resulting from         B. adding up            C. presented to        D. according to

18. Is it necessary that I _____  here tomorrow?

A. were                  B. am being                 C. be             D. would be

19. He said that the plane had already taken off and that I_____ arrived an hour earlier.

A. should have           B. could have           C. was supposed to      D. had to have

20. Beneath the streets of a modern city _____ of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants.

 A. where exists                                              C. the network’s existence                B. the existing network                               D. exists the network

21. _____ they are widely perceived as gentle creatures, hippopotamuses are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal.

A. Despite                   B. Even though             C. In spite of    D. Because

22.Susan always wins the prize because her projects  _____.

A. extremely presented well                C. are extremely well presented                      

B. presented extremely well                 D. are well presented extremely

23. Phone mebeforeten;_____ I’llbetoobusy totalktoyou.

A. unless                     B.whether                    C.otherwise            D. if

24. You areunderno obligation_____ toacceptthisoffer.

A. indeed                B.eventually                C.apart              D. whatsoever

25. In most _____ developed countries, up to 50% of _____ population enters higher education at some time in their lives.

A. Ø / Ø                       B. the / Ø                     C. Ø / the         D. the / a

Choose the underlined part named A, B, C, or D that is incorrect. Write your answers in the space provided.

1. There are many frequently (A) mentioned (B) reasons why one out of four arrests(C) involve (D) ajuvenile.

2. Most (A) oxygen atoms have (B) eight neutrons, but a small amount (C) have nine or ten(D).

3. Signing (A) at the outset (B) of a business deal, a contract offers the participants a certain degree(C) of legal protection from costly mistakes(D).

4. Dolphins and chimps are(A) like (B) in that (C) they have been shown (D) to have language skills.

5.In the appendix(A) at the end of the chapter are(B) the instructions to be used (C) for thecompletion correct(D) of the form. 

Use the correct form of the word given to fit each gap. Write your answers in the space provided.


In recent decades, in both theatre and cinema, dance shows have become increasingly popular. Meanwhile, the British Amateur Dancesport Association estimates that there are now four million people (1)_____ in dancing activities in the country every week. But the popularity of dancing is by no means a recent phenomenon.

Since the dawn of civilization, dance has been an important part of life, and dance (2)_____ struggle to identify the first evidence of dance as it has always been an intrinsic part of human(3)_____.

The earliest recorded dances, discovered in the 9,000-year0 old Bhimbetka rock paintings in India, were used to tell stories and celebrate (4)_____ events, whilst also serving as a way of passing on information to future generations.

But why has dance, something which can make someone look utterly (5)_____ if done wrong, always seems to be natural to our DNA?

Experts argue that its psychological and physiological benefits are the cause. (6)_____ studies have discovered that dancing is not only an (7)_____ form of non-verbal communication, but is also a mood-boosting cure that can alleviate (8)_____, improve interpersonal (9)_____ and cure illnesses. Physically, dancing makes us happy because, as with any repetitive exercise, it releases endorphins. Also it’s a socializing event, (10)_____ us to be physically close to people and more emotionally connected to them.


















10. ABLE


Read the passage carefully and then choose the best answer to each question.Write your answers in the space provided.

While manynineteenth–century reformers hopedto bring about reform through education or by eliminating specific social evils, some thinkerswantedto start over and remark societyby founding ideal, cooperative communities. TheUnited States seemed to them a spacious andunencumbered countrywhere models ofaperfect society could succeed. These communitarian thinkers hoped their success would lead to imitation,until communities free of crime,poverty, and other socialillswould cover the land.A number of religiousgroups, notably theShakers,practiced communalliving, but the mainimpetusto found model communities came from nonreligious, rationalistic thinkers.

Among the communitarian philosophers, three of the most influential were RobertOwen, Charles Fourier, and JohnHumphreyNoyes. Owen, famous forhis humanitarianpolicies as owner of several thriving textile mills in Scotland,believed that faulty environmentwastoblame for human problems and that theseproblems could be eliminated ina rationally planned society. In1825, heput hisprinciples intopractice atNewHarmony, Indiana. The community failed economically aftera few years but not before achievinga number of social successes. Fourier,a commercial employeein France, nevervisited the United States.However, his theories of cooperativeliving influenced many American  through  the writings  of Albert  Brisbane,  whose Social  Destiny  of  Man  explained Fourierismand its self-sufficient associations or“phalanxes”.One or more of these phalanxes was organized in veryNorthern state. The most famouswere Red Bank,New Jersey, and Brook Farm, Massachusetts. An early member of the latterwas the author Nathaniel Hawthorne.Noyes founded the most enduring andprobably theoddest of theutopian communities, the Oneida Community of upstateNewYork.Needless to say, none of these experiments had any lasting effects on thepatterns ofAmerican society.

1. The main topic of the passage is_____.

A.nineteen-century schools                 C. the philosophy of Fourierism

B. American reformers                     D. model communities in the nineteenth

2. Which of the following is not given in the passage as one of the general goals of communitarian philosophers?

A. To remake society.                              C. To establish ideal communities.

B.  To spread their ideas throughout the United State.            

D. To create opportunities through education.

3. The Shakers are mentioned in paragraph 1 as an example of_____.

A. a communal religious group                 C. rationalistic thinkers

B. radical reformers                             D. an influential group of writers

4. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word impetus in paragraph 1?

A. Stimulus                  B. commitment          C. Drawback      D. Foundation.

5. The “phalanxes” described in paragraph 2 were an idea originally conceived by_____.

A. Albert Brisbane    B. Robert Owen    C. Charles Fourier   D. John Humphrey Noyes

6. Why does the author mention Nathaniel Hawthorne in paragraph two?

A.He founded Brook Farm in Massachusetts.             

B. He was a critic of Charles Fourier.

C. He wrote a book that led to the establishment of model communities.

D. He was at one time a member of the Brook Farm community.

7. Which of the following communities lasted longest?

A. New Harmony.                               C. Red Bank.

B. The Oneida Community.                 D. Brook Farm.

8. The word oddest in paragraph 2 is closest meaning to which of the following?

A. Earliest.                                           C. Largest.

B. Most independent.                           D. Most unusual.

9. The author implies that, for readers, the conclusion of the paragraph is______ .

A. obvious                                           C. absurd

B. surprising                                        D. practical

10. Why did the author probably divide the passage into two paragraphs?

A. To compare nineteenth-century reforms with twentieth-century reforms.

B. To present an overview of a concept in the first paragraph and specific examples in the second.

C. To contrast the work of utopian thinkers with that of practical reforms.

D. To give the causes for a phenomenon in the first paragraph and its consequences in the second 

Read the following passage and choose the most suitable sentence from the list A to G for each gap from 1 to 5. There are two extra sentences which you do not need to use. Then answer the questions from 6 to 10.Write your answers in the space provided.

The days when only men would hold management positions are over. (1)_____. Despite a slowing economy, the number of women in management has risen to 16% in 1995, when it used to be less than 9%. One result of this tendency is that women are now more accepted in these roles, and it has also been found that women in management ease tension and gender conflict in the workplace.

A comprehensive nation-wide study of executive performance accidentally found that womenscoredhigher in almost allareasofperformanceevaluation, whilecompilinga large-scaleanalysisof425high-levelmanagers.(2)_____ . They tendto workharder behindthescenes, whilemenprefertheglamorous,moreaggressive sideof management. Themasculineapproachismoresuitedtothetraditionalstyleofbusiness, wheretheboss would work alone andsimply dictate orders to his  staff. Now, in the global information age,  teamwork and partnership are increasinglyimportant, and these are exactly the areas where women excel.

(3)_____.Itmay bethatthe same qualities thatmake women moreeffectiveasmanagersare alsoholdingthem back.Most womengetstuckinjobs which involvehumanresourcesor publicrelations, whiletheirskills makethem highlysuitable forthis typeof work. However,theposts intheseareasrarelyleadtothetop.Ambitious womenarefrustrated bythis,and manylefttostarttheir owncompanies.Another reason why womenareoverlookedfor promotionisthatmenareseenasmore dynamicandcompetitive. Womentendto workforthegoodofthe companyas a whole, whilemenarelooking outfor themselves. Some bosses may interpretthefeminineapproach asshowingalack ofvision.A woman willoftenadoptthestrategyofmakingpeoplethinkthattheyaretheauthorsofnewideas, sothat they willco-operate withher plan.Althoughthisis an effective way of achievingan objective,theresultisthatshe will lose credit forher creativity and innovation.

Itis also surprising to learn thatthe greatestprejudiceagainst female bosses comes from women themselves.Ina recentGalluppoll, 70%ofmensaid thatthey wouldbepreparedtoacceptafemaleboss,comparedto66%of women. (4)_____.Sincenearlyallbosses usedto bemale, womenfeelmorecomfortablebeing supervised byamanthan byanother woman. Some women alsofeelthata malebossislessdemandingandhefeelsmorerelaxedaboutbeing ina positionof authority.Since womenhaveto workhardertoget tothetop,theyexpectmoreoftheirstaff when they get there.

In conclusion, although more and more women are rising to higher positions, there are still many deep-rooted prejudices and double standards that keep them from achieving the very top positions. Companies may say that they value interpersonal skills, but they still look for a leader who is decisive and a risk taker. (5)_____. Although women have proved that they are capable of leading a company, it seems that they will not get the chance to do so untilthey are prepared to start their own businesses.

A. One possible reason for this is that of tradition

B. Areas where women are particularly effective are in supporting their staff, and sharing information

C. More and more women are moving into top jobs in the USA

D. Although women are not as decisive as men, they still play an important role in social work

E. Although the number of women in middle management is on the increase, there are still few women running large companies

F. These qualities are perceived as being mainly masculine

G. These positions are held by females

*Your answers:







 Complete the following statements by choosing A, B, C, or D.

6. The participation by women in business management has_____.

A. increased asexist attitudeamong men

B. started newbusiness conflicts

C. caused gender conflictamong the staff

D. made the workplace moreagreeable

7. Women managers are found more skilful in areas where they can promote their ability to_____.

A.build relationships withpeople

C. deal with their malebosses

B.fight their waytothe top

D. give directions tothe staff

8. Women are often overlooked for the top jobs because_____.

A.other women do not like working forthem

C. theycannotmake big decisions

B.theydonot take credit fortheir ownideas

D. they leave to starttheir own businesses

9. Women prefer a male boss because_____.

A.male bosses work harder

C. it is more usual to work for aman

B.men are more competitive

D. female bosses are more demanding

10. A female boss often demands more of her staff because_____.    

A.other women do not like working forthem

C. she can always make big decisions

B.she herselfhas totoil her way to the position

D. her staffdo not tend tosubmit themselvestoher

Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space. Write your answers in the space provided.


It might after allbe true that you areonly asold as you feel.A British clinic is carryingout new high-tech tests to calculate the “real”biological ageof patients (1)_____on the rateofphysicaldeterioration. Informationon every (2)_____ofapatient’shealth, fitness, lifestyle and family medical history is (3)_____intoa computer towork outwhether they areolderor younger than their calendaragesuggests.

The availability and increasing accuracy of the tests has (4)_____one  leading Britishgerontologist to call forbiological age to be used todeterminewhenworkersshould retire.He (5)_____that if an employee’sbiologicalor “real” age isshown, for example, tobe55whenhe reacheshis 65th birthday,heshouldbe (6)_____towork for anotherdecade.Apparently most employersonly take into (7)_____aperson’s calendar years, and the two maydiffer considerably. Someof thoseprepared topayasubstantialsumof money for the examinationswillbe able to smuglywalk away with medical (8)_____showing that they really are as young as they feel, givingthem the confidence to act anddress as if they were younger.DrLynetteYong, residentdoctor at the clinicwhere the tests areoffered claims that thepurpose of these testswillbe to motivate people to (9)_____theirhealth.

The conceptof “real” age isset tobecomebig (10)_____in the USAwithbooks andwebsiteshelping peopleworkoutwhether theirbody isolder or younger than their years.Others firmlybelieve that lookswill always be thebest indicatorof age.

1. A.based               B.prospect                C. arranged                  D. established

2. A.position                B.decided                    C. attitude                    D. aspect

3. A.supplied               B. fed                          C.provided                   D.planned

4. A.projected              B.prodded                    C.provoked                  D.prompted

5. A.debates             B. argues                      C.discusses                  D. enquires

6. A. encouraged         B.supported                 C. incited                     D.promoted

7. A. interest                B.detail                   C. account                   D. importance

8. A.grounds                B.signs                         C.demonstration          D. evidence

9. A.progress               B. improve                   C. gain                         D. increase

10. A. trade                  B.pursuit                      C.business                   D. concern

 Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given.

1.Unless the director gets the actor he wants for the main part, the film will be cancelled. (MEAN)

If the director doesn’t get the actor he wants for the main part, it__________________________________________ the film.

2. The reliability of the Internet as a source of information is sometimes difficult to determine. (HOW). It is sometimes difficult to know____________________________________________ as a source of information.

3. I only realized that I’d forgotten my wallet when I got to the station. (ARRIVED)

It wasn’t __________________________________________________the station that I realized I’d forgotten my wallet.

4. The employees suggested some improvements to the computer system which would make it easier to use. (FORWARD)

The employees__________________________________________ improving the computer system to make it easier to use.

5. Driving without a seatbelt is illegal in most European countries. (AGAINST)

It is ______________________________________ without a seatbelt in most European countries.

-----THE END-----



1.C          2.D                    3. A                    4.B                        5. D 


Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. 


6. A

11. A

16. C

21. B

2. B 

7. D

12. D  

17. D

22. C


8. C

13. C 

18. C

23. C


9. C

14. C

19. A

24. D

5. C 


15. B

20 D

25. C

 Choose the underlined part named A, B, C, or D that is incorrect. 

1.D                  2. C                    3.A                  4.B                       5. D 

Use the correct form of the word given to fit each gap


3. behaviour

5. ridiculous

7. effective

9. relationships

2. historians

 4. significant

6. innumerable/ numerous

8. depression

10. enabling


Read the passage carefully and then choose the best answer to each question.Write your answers in the space provided. 











Read the following passage and choose the most suitable sentence from the list A to G for each gap from 1 to 5. There are two extra sentences which you do not need to use. Then answer the questions from 6 to 10. Write your answers in the space provided. 

1.C            2. B                3E                     4. A                    5.F 

6.D             7.A               8.B                     9.C                     10B 

 Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space. 












 Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given. 

 1.will mean cancelling/ the cancellation of 

2.(just) how reliable the Internet is 

3. until I arrived at 

4. put forward some/ their suggestions for 

5. against the law to drive

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