Đáp án đề thi vào lớp 10 môn anh chuyên Thái Bình năm 2013

Cập nhật ngay để xem đáp án đề thi vào lớp 10 môn anh chuyên Thái Bình năm 2013.

Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn anh chuyên Thái Bình năm 2013


ĐỀ TUYỂN SINH LỚP 10 PTTH  CHUYÊN  NĂM HỌC 2013 – 2014 THÁI BÌNH                              

MÔN TIẾNG  ANH ( Dành cho tất cả các thí sinh ) – Thời gian : 60 phút

I.Tìm từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác với các từ còn lại .

1.A.beats                     B.great                        C.league                      D.heap

2.A.collects                 B.allows                      C.happens                   D.conserves

3.A.gather                   B.casual                       C.capture                     D.alien

II.Tìm từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết khác  với các từ còn lại .

4.A.infant                    B.typhoon                   C.forecast                    D.damage

5.A.example                B.extensive                 C.expensive                 D.excellent

III.Chọn một đáp án đúng nhất.

6.Laura said that she would come to see us ______.

A.tomorrow                B.the following day    C.the previous day      D.yesterday

7.If you know her address , please let me _____  .

A.to know                   B.known             C.knew                  D.know

8.Mary:”Would you like a cup of coffee ?“   -  Ann: “ ______”

A.No, I don’t              B.yes,I do/                  C.No, thanks.              D.yes,I would.

9.I used a very simple method to obtain the answer.

A.careful                     B.easy                         C.hard                         D.difficult

10.The program was so ____ that half of them fell asleep.

A.boring                      B.bored                                   C.bore                         D.boredom

11.He’s never gone to school  late , ____ ?

A.is he                         B.has he                    C.isn’t he                  D.hasn’t he

12.She can’t go camping with her friends tomorrow because she will have to ___ her little sister.

A.keep on                    B.make up                   C.look up                    D.look after

13.If a disaster ______ in an area , people in other areas often offer help to people here.

A.happens                   B.happened                 C.will happen              D.would happen

14.What would happen if the water resources were made dirty ?

a.restricted                  B.run out                     C.destroyed                D.polluted

15.Each of the guests _____ a bunch of flowers.

A.are given                  B.is given                    C.were given               D.give

16.Jane : “Hello.Could I speak to Maria , please ?”   - Maria : “______”

A.Hello Alice .How are you ?  B.What ‘s the matter with you ?  C.Speaking.Who’s that ?     D.How do you do ?

17.I’m really looking forward ______ from you .

A.to hearing                B.hear                          C.to hear                     D.hearing

18.The question was ____ difficult that we couldn’t answer it.

A.such                         B.very                         C.so                           D.too

19.This boy , ___ father is the director of the company , helps me a lot to find the job.

A.whose                      B.who                         C.whom                      D.that

20.Mary : “ Where is Linda now ?”     - James : “ She ________ be in the school library”.

A.may                         B.will                          C.should                      D.need

21.I would like you ______ here with me .

A.be                            B.to be                                    C.being                                    D.to being

22.They _______ cycle to school when they were students.

A.used to                    B.are used to               C.get used to               D.use to

Bill: “Well done , Jane”.     – Jane : “ ______________ “.

A.You are welcome    B.I’m sorry       C.It’s very kind of you to say so.                   D.long time no see.                

24.Bella ____ a student at the university for nearly three years.

A.is                              B.was                          C.has been                   D.will be

25.We can usually  predict when a _______ will erupt.

A.heat               B.rain                  C.storm                       D.volcano

IV.Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn dáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu bên dưới.

      Doctors say that regular exercise lead to a healthier heart.Jogging , walking , riding a bicycle , and aerobic exercises lower the risk of heart disease .In one kind of heart disease , fatty stuff called plaque builds up in blood vessels going to the heart.Aerobic exercise also makes the heat and lungs stronger.

  Doctors say you should do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week. You need to exercise hard enough to get your heart beating faster than normal.You can feel your heart beating.Use two fingers to feel a beat , or pulse , in your wrist or neck.

    Some kinds of exercise are better at increasing strength than others.Usually people work out with weights if they want to improve their muscle strength.They use free weights , weights that are not attached to anything , such as barbells.Or they use strength – training machines .Strength training can also make bones stronger.

      It is agood idea to have a trainer or physical education teacher show you how to lift weights properly. It is important not to injure yourseft when lifting weights. Start out with small weights.Try lifting heavier and heavier weights as your muscles get stronger.

26.The passage is mainly about _______   .

A.the benefits of exercise in controlling our weights and making us flexiable.

B.different types of exercise

C.how we should get exercise

D.the benefits of exercise in helping our hearts and increasing our strength

27.According to paragraph 1 , aerobic exercise helps _____________  .

A.prevent the buildup of plaque in blood vessels from  going to the heart

B.speed up the buildup of plaque in blood vessels going to the heart

C.biuld up  the plaque in blood vessels going to the heart

D.dissovle the plaque in blood vessels going to the heart

28.According to paragraph 2 , we should exercise hard enough to ______ .

A.reduce the speed of the beating of our heart                      B.increase the speed of the beating of our heart

C.feel the beat , or pulse , in our wrist or neck                       D.keep your heart in a normal condition

29.The word “ others “ in paragraph 3 refers to ______ .

A.other kinds of exercise       B.other people    C.other weights                       D.other muscles

30.In paragraph 4, the author advises that _____  .

A.we should lift heavy weights from the start

B.we don’t need a trainer to show us how to lift weights properly

C.we should advoid injuring ourselves when lifting weights

D.we shouldn’t lift heavier weights when our muscles are stronger

V.Tìm một phương án sai trong các từ , cụm từ được gạch chân sau

31.In English speaking leson (A) the teacher (B) divided his class in (C) four groups(D).

32.You had not better (A) spend much (B) time playing (C) computer games(D).

33.I wish my brother is (A) here to help (B) me with (C) the difficult (D) exercise.

34.Although (A) his old (B) age , Mr Brown runs (C) three kilometers (D) every morning.

35.What (A) is the tallest (B) building (C) in (D) the world ?

VI.Chọn một đáp án gần nghĩa nhất với câu đã cho.

36.When I arrived , they were having to dinner.

A.I came to their invitation to dinner.            B.They ate their dinner as soon as I arrived.

C.When they started having their dinner , I arrived               D.I came in the middle of their dinner.

37.I’ve never gone to the amusement center before.

A.This is the first time I have gone to the amusement center.

B.This is the last time I have gone to the amusement center.

C.I never go to the amusement center.

D.I always go to the amusement center.

38.My children ate all the cakes in the fridge.

A.All the cakes were eaten in the fridge by my children.   B.All the cakes in the fridge were eaten by my children.

C.My children liked all the cakes in the fridge.                     D.My children  threw away all the cakes in the fridge.

39.”Do you watch TV every morning , Mark ? “    The teacher asked Nancy.

A.The teacher asked Mark to watch TV every morning.     B.The teacher asked Mark if he watched TV everu morning.

C.The teacher asked Mark for TV every morning.          D.The teacher asked Mark if he would watch TV every morning.

40.The box is empty.

A.The box has everything you want.                  B.There’s  something in the box .

C.Nothing is in the box.                              D.The box has everything in it.

-----The end-----

Đáp án đề thi vào lớp 10 môn anh chuyên Thái Bình năm 2013

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