Đề thi thử đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối D, A1 năm 2014 (P6)

Đề thi thử đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối D,A1 có đáp án năm 2014 của trường THPT Nguyễn Trãi, Thái Bình các em tham khảo dưới đây.


I. Find the word with the stress pattern different from that of the other three words in each by marking the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet.

Câu 1:    A. agency          B. supermax            C. atmosphere            D. interfere

Câu 2:    A. backstairs          B. backstage          C. backstreet           D. backspace

Câu 3:    A. Atlantic            B. Catholic               C. lunatic                   D. politics

Câu 4:    A. misfortune         B. illegal             C. indifference          D. discotheque

Câu 5:    A. seventeen      B. chromosome       C. authenticity           D. picturesque

II. Choose the best answer for each question by marking the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer  sheet.

Câu 6:   It’s a piece of good news. The factory’s ______has increased considerably this year.

A. output                  B. put-in                         C. put-out                      D. input

Câu 7:   We didn’t much like the new neighbors at first, but ______we grew quite fond of them.

A. in time              B. by the time            C. against time          D. at the same time

Câu 8:   I am ______ to come to the meeting on Monday evening, please apologize for my absence.

A. unable              B. impossible                  C. incapable              D. unlikely

Câu 9:   Much of the funding has come from international ______ agencies.

A. relief                       B. aid                       C. support         D. help

Câu 10:   On ______ to power, the new president announced a program of social reforms.

A. arriving               B. achieving              C. coming              D. reaching

Câu 11:   She looks pretty although she has a______ on her left eye.

A. birth mark             B. birth control             C. birth place           D. birth right

Câu 12:   It is imperative that his recovery ______ the treatment for at least two months.

A. continue           B. to continue                C. continued            D. continues

Câu 13:   We are looking for someone who can ______ with the rest of our team.

A. get up                      B. work off                    C. fit in               D. act up

Câu  14:    The  girl  standing  among  many  other  students  ______  a  scholarship  to  Columbia University.

A. was rewarded       B. were awarded          C. were rewarded           D. was awarded

 Câu 15:   Out ______ when the bell rang.

A. run the children   B. do the children run  C. ran the children  D. did the children run

 Câu 16:   ______always in such a hurry, your work would be much better. 

A. If you were          B. Unless you were        C. But for your  D. If you weren't

 Câu 17:   ______, business managers plan the tasks that their employees are to carry out.

A. Through the organizing process                       B. They process the organizing

C. It is the organizing process                              D. While the organizing process

Câu 18:   Mai: “That millions of people attended General Vo Nguyen Giap’s funeral made a special impression on almost every foreigner.”

Lan: “______”

A. My pleasure.          B. Me neither.             C. I’m afraid I can’t      D. I’ll say. 

Câu 19:   Now that he has retired, he lives partly on his pension and partly on the ______ on his post office savings account.

A. salary                     B. income                       C. interest                      D. wages

Câu 20:   He seemed undecided ______ go or stay.

A. if                           B. whether to                 C. whether            D. if to

Câu 21:   His eyes were light blue and ______ in their innocence.

A. childless                B. childish                   C. childlike                    D. childhood

Câu 22:   The mother put a rug ______ her sleeping child.

A. at                           B. in                               C. on                   D. over

Câu 23:   “Your kitchen is fantastic! Did you do it all yourself?”

“No, I______ by a professional.”

A. have it designed      B. had designed it       C. had it designed     D. designed it

Câu 24:   The copy machine was reduced to even ______ the sale price.

A. least as            B. as much as              C. more than        D. less than

Câu  25:   When a fire broke out in the Louvre, at least twenty______ paintings were destroyed, including two by Picasso.

A. worthless            B. valueless               C. priceless                    D. meaningless

Câu 26:   Rewrite the important parts of the letter ______bold, will you?

A. to                            B. in                               C. at              D. on

Câu 27:   The plane I intended to catch crashed and everyone was killed. If I______ that plane, I would be dead now.

A. had caught           B. caught             C. catch              D. am catching

Câu 28:   We should______ every chance we have to speak English.

A. turn to our advantage                                      B. make use of

C. come into use                                                   D. open to abuse

Câu 29:   “You’re probably too tired to play another game of racquetball, right?”

“I’m not that tired, really. ______, I’d enjoy another game.”

A. As a matter of fact     B. As a matter         C. As a fact            D. As a fact matter

Câu 30:   We have orders ______ from all over the world.

A. come               B. coming                   C. to come               D. to have come

 III. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Câu 31:   Unless I miss my guess, your computer needs a new hard drive.

A. I break the soft drive                                       B. you lack money

C. you are my guess                                             D. I make a mistake

Câu 32:   The Civil War in 1863 cut the United States into two nations - a southern Confederacy and a northern Union.

A. acknowledged          B. alienated                 C. severed             D. integrated

Câu 33:   Relaxation therapy teaches one not to fret over small problems.

A. get involved in       B. worry about               C. look for           D. get angry about

 IV. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. 

Câu 34:   Thousands are going starving because of the failure of this year's harvest.

A. hungry                       B. poor                 C. rich              D. full

Câu 35:   I’d like to pay some money into my bank account.

A. withdraw some money from                            B. put some money into

C. give some money out                                       D. leave some money aside

 V. Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to   each of the questions from 36 to 45.

The conservatism of the early English colonists in North America, their strong attachment to the English way of doing things, would play a major part in the furniture that was made in New England. The very tools that the first New England furniture makers used were, after all, not much different  from those  used for centuries-  even  millennia:  basic  hammers,  saws,  chisels,  planes, augers, compasses,  and measures.  These  were  the tools  used  more  or less by all people who worked with wood: carpenters, barrel makers, and shipwrights. At most the furniture makers might have had planes with special edges or more dedicate chisels, but there could not have been much specialization in the early years of the colonies.

The furniture makers in those early dedicates of the 1600s were known as “joiners,” for the primary method of constructing furniture, at least among the English of this time, was that of mortise-and-tenon  joinery. The mortise is the hole chiseled and cut into one piece of wood, while the tenon is the tongue or protruding element shaped from another piece of wood so that it fits into the mortise;  and another  small  hole is then drilled (with the auger)  through  the Mortise end and the tenon so that a whittled peg can secure the joint- thus the term “joiner”. Panels were fitted into slots on the basic frames. This kind of construction was used for making everything from houses to chests.

Relatively little hardware was used during this period. Some nails- forged by hand- were used, but no screws or glue. Hinges were often made of leather, but metal hinges were also used. The cruder varieties were made by blacksmiths in the colonies, but the finer metal elements were imported. Locks and escutcheon plates- the latter to shield the wood from the metal key- would often be imported.

Above all, what the early English colonists imported was the knowledge of, familiarity with, and dedication to the traditional types and designs of furniture they knew in England.

 Câu 36:   The phrase “attachment to” is closest in meaning to ______.

A. curiosity about          B. control of             C. distance from        D. preference for

Câu 37:   The word “protruding” is closest in meaning to ______.

A. projecting              B. important                   C. parallel                   D. simple

Câu 38:   The relationship of a mortise and a tenon is most similar to that of ______.

A. a cup and a saucer                              B. a book and its cover

C. a lock and a key                                D. a hammer and a nail

Câu 39:   For what purpose did woodworkers use an auger?

A. To measure a panel

 B. To make a tenon    

C. To drill a hole    

D. To whittle a peg

Câu 40:   Which of the following was NOT used in the construction of colonial furniture?

A. Nails                     B. Hinges                       C. Mortise                      D. Screws

Câu 41:   The author implies that colonial metalworkers were ______.

A. frequently employed by joiners             B. more conservative than other colonists

C. unable to make elaborate parts             D. more skilled than woodworkers

Câu 42:   The word “shield” is closed in meaning to______.

A. copy                    B. protect                       C. decorate            D. shape

Câu 43:   The word “they” refers to______.

A. all                        B. colonists                    C. types           D. designs

Câu 44:   The author implies that the colonial joiners ______.

A. were highly paid

B. based their furniture on English models

C. had to adjust to using new wood in New England

D. used many specialized tools

Câu 45:   Which of the following terms does the author explain in the passage?

A. “blacksmiths”            B. “whittled”                 C. “joiners”             D. “millennia”

VI. Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to   each of the questions from 46 to 55.


Paul  Watson  is  an  environmental  activist.  He  is  a  man  who  believes  that  he  must  do something, not just talk about doing something. Paul believes in protecting endangered animals, and he protects them in controversial ways. Some people think that Watson is a hero and admire him very much. Other people think that he is a criminal.

On July 16th,  1979, Paul Watson and his crew were on his ship, which is called the Sea Shepherd. Watson and the people who work on the Sea Shepherd were hunting on the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal. However, they had a strange prey; instead of hunting for animals, their prey was a ship, the Sierra. The Sea Shepherd found the Sierra, ran into it and sank it. As a result, the Sierra never returned to the sea. The Sea Shepherd, on the other hand, returned to its home in Canada. Paul Watson and his workers thought that they had been successful.

The Sierra had been a whaling ship, which had operated illegally. The captain and the crew of the Sierra did not obey any of the international laws that restrict whaling. Instead, they killed as many whales as they could, quickly cut off the meat, and froze it. Later, they sold the whale meat in countries where it is eaten.

Paul  Watson  tried  to  persuade  the  international  whaling  commission  to  stop  the  Sierra. However, the commission did very little, and Paul became impatient. He decided to stop the Sierra and other whaling ships in any way that he could. He offered to pay $25,000 to anyone who sank any illegal whaling ship, and he sank the Sierra. He acted because he believes that the whales must be protected.  Still,  he  acted  without  the  approval  of  the  government;  therefore,  his  actions  were controversial.

Paul Watson is not the only environmental activist. Other men and women are also fighting to protect the Earth. Like Watson, they do not always have the approval of their governments, and like Watson, they have become impatient. Yet, because of their concern for the environment, they will act to protect it.

Câu 46:   According to the reading, an environmental activist is someone who ______.

A. talks about protecting endangered species      B. is a hero, like Paul Watson

C. runs into whaling ship                            D. does something to protect the Earth

Câu 47:   When something is controversial, ______.

A. people have different ideas about it                B. everyone disagrees with it

C. people protect it                                               D. everyone agrees with it

Câu 48:   The members of a ship’s crew are ______.

A. the people who own the ship

B. the men and women who work on the ship

C. the people who work at sea

D. all of the people on a ship, including the passengers

Câu 49:   The main idea of paragraph one is that ______.

A. Paul Watson does not believe in talking

B. activists are people who do something

C. Paul Watson is a hero to some people

D. Paul Watson is a controversial environmental activist

Câu 50:   The Sea Shepherd once hunted ______.

A. the Sierra                   B. Portugal                 C. the Atlantic Ocean   D. whales

Câu 51:   The author implies that Paul Watson lives in ______.

A. Canada                                                             B. the Sierra

C. Portugal                                                           D. a ship on the Atlantic

Câu 52:   The captain and the crew of the Sierra were acting illegally because ______.

A. they were sunk by Paul Watson                      B. they never returned to the sea

C. they sold the whales in other countries       D. they were killing and selling whales

Câu 53:   In paragraph 3 the phrase “and froze it”, the word it refers to ______.

A. the Sierra             B. whales                 C. the Sierra crew          D. whale meat

Câu 54:   The main idea of paragraph 3 is that ______.

A. whaling is illegal according to international law

B. the people on the Sierra didn’t obey international laws

C. the Sierra sold whale meat in some countries

D. the people on the Sierra killed as many whales as they could.

Câu 55:   Watson ran into the Sierra because ______.

A. he wanted to sank the ship

B. he wanted to protect the whales in the Sierra

C. he noticed a strange prey

D. he was impatient with the government’s actions

 VII. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks.


Without transportation, our modern society could not (56) ______. We would have no metal, no coal and no oil nor would we have any (57) ______ made from these materials. (58) ______ we would have to spend most of our time (59) ______ food and food would be (60) ______ to the kinds that could grow in the climate and soil of our neighborhood.Transportation also (61) ______ our lives in other ways. Transportation can speed a doctor to the (62) ______ of a sick person, even if the patients’ lives on an isolated farm. It can take police to the (63) ______ of a crime within a moments of being noticed. Transportation (64) ______ teams of athletes to compete in national and international sports contests. In time of (65) ______ transportation can rush aid to persons in areas stricken by floods, families and earthquakes.

Câu 56:   A. establish            B. exist                 C. take place              D. happen

Câu 57:   A. producers       B. production         C. products                D. productivity

Câu 58:   A. Even              B. Besides                  C. Although               D. However

Câu 59:   A. rising              B. taking                    C. buying                   D. raising

Câu 60:   A. connected           B. focused             C. limited                   D. relate

Câu 61:   A. influences         B. makes                    C. affects                D. effects

Câu 62:   A. way                   B. part                        C. body                      D. side

Câu 63:   A. scene                     B. place                  C. location                 D. site

Câu 64:   A. brings               B. fetches                   C. enables                  D. gets

Câu 65:   A. disasters              B. accidents               C. problems               D. wars

VIII. Identify the one that is not correct by marking the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet.

Câu 66:   Poverty in the United States is noticeable different from that in other _____.

A. noticeable                 B. countries                    C. Poverty                     D. from

Câu 67:   Mrs. Barnes, who was so proud of her new car, _____ to work when the accident happened and damaged her car.

A. damaged                   B. was                      C. drove                    D. happened

Câu 68:   Don't tell her about the job until you know for sure — we don't want to ____ her hopes.

A. for                         B. hopes                         C. Don't tell                   D. rise

Câu 69:   Bronze after being heated by a strong flame will change color, especially when _____ to hydrogen.

A. to                    B. exposure                    C. will                         D. after being 

Câu 70:   People can reduce stress by accepting ____ as they are, rather than as they would like them To be.

A. like them               B. event                   C. by accepting              D. can reduce

IX. Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one given by marking the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet.

Câu 71:   Twenty years ago this region produced twice as much coal as it does now.

A. Coal production in this region has been halved in the last twenty years.

B. More coal is produced now in this region than twenty years ago.

C. Coal production in this region has doubled in the last twenty years.

D. This region has produced more coal now than twenty years ago.

Câu 72:   The meeting was put off because of pressure of time.

A. People wanted to get away, so the meeting began early.

B. There was not enough time to hold the meeting.

C. The meeting lasted much longer than usual.

D. The meeting is planned to start in a short time.

Câu 73:   It’s your duty to help him.

A. You’are supposed to be helped                       B. You are helped by him.

C. His being helped is your duty.                         D. He asked you to help him.

Câu 74:   He likes people to let him have his own way.

A. He doesn’t like it when people tell him what to do.

B. He doesn’t accept help from people he dislikes.

C. He likes people to think all good ideas are his own.

D. He often needs the help of other people in his work.

Câu 75:   What particularly impressed me was her excellent command of English.

A. That I liked her excellent command of English was that it impressed me at first.

B. I was particularly impressed by her excellent command of English.

C. Her excellent command of English particularly impresses me.

D. I  partically liked her excellent command of English.

 X. From the four words or phrases choose the one that best completes the sentence by marking the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet.

Câu 76:   Today, ______major new products without conducting elaborate market research.

A. hardly ever corporations introduce               B. corporations hardly introduce ever

C. corporations hardly ever introduce              D. hardly ever introduce corporations

Câu 77:   ______ that gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill and that the California Gold Rush began.

A. That in 1848      B. It was in 1848       C. In 1848 that it was   D. Because in 1848

Câu 78:   In Australia, whether fertile land is limited, crops______.

A. are often growing on the sides of mountains  B. are growing in the mountains

C. are often grown on the sides of mountains    D. are grown in the mountains

Câu 79:   ______, Hong Kong acts as a gateway into and out of the People’s Republic of China.

A. Where strategically located                             B. it is located strategically

C. Because located strategically                           D. Strategically located

Câu 80:   The bank sent a notice to its customers which contained ______.

A. a reminder that the interest rates would rise the following month.

B. a remembrance that interest rates were to raise

C. to remember that the interest rates were going up next month

D. a reminder that a raise in interest rates was the month following


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